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Guillotine Packing Cutter

A perfect cut will give you the best possible performance from your braided packing.

Braided packing can be hard to cut. Proper length and angle accuracy are a must. Nothing is worse than having to waste a piece of brand new packing because of a bad cut. A perfect cut will give you the best possible performance from your braided packing. Our Guillotine Packing Cutter is the same one we use in our shop for our pre made rings. If you want to get the same quality cuts with your bulk ordered packing on the spot than this is exactly what you need. The best packing in the world will not help your application if you do not have a proper fit. Contact your sales person today and look forward to fast and easy cutting.

Our Guillotine Packing Cutter cuts all packing including Kevlar, copper sheathed, and wire core packing to 1” dia. at 45° or butt angles. 4” max. shaft size direct-reading Diameter/Circumference scales eliminate expensive time and material waste from costly trial and error fitting. Complete with mounting screws, wrenches, stop blocks for 45° and butt cutting, and a vernier caliper for accurate shaft and stuffing box measurement. Heat-treated spare tool steel blades are available.


Questions? Ask our Engineers.

SealRyt Corp. is the industry leader in rotating shaft sealing technology. Our engineers have years of experience in the science of sealing. That's why we hold multiple patents on sealing technology. That's also why our products last longer, get better results, and simply seal better than any other products available.

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