The SteamRyt™ is a long term soot blower sealing solution developed through years of polymeric and textile research. SealRyt's polymer bearing attains exceptional, previously unheard of temperature capabilities and our unique arrangement of one bearing fore, one bearing aft creates a protected cavity for our sealing material.



Problem 1. Retract blowers have long overhangs which can cause severe radial/elliptical movement of the shaft in the stuffing box area.
Solved! Shaft movement is eliminated with use of two very high strength polymer bearings, one fore, one aft in the stuffing box.

Problem 2. Throat bushings become worn from shaft movement and as they wear, packing can be easily extruded through increased clearances.
Solved! The use of two close clearance bearings eliminates shaft contact with the throat bushing & prevents inner packing from extruding.

Problem 3. Mechanical forces on the packing causes tearing and disfiguration.
Solved!  Mechanical forces are eliminated in the stuffing box with the use of two close clearance bearings. Packing remains square and works only to seal along the stabilized shaft.

Problem 4. Excessive number of packing rings which consolidate rapidly.
Solved! The two bearing positions eliminate several former packing positions allowing use of optimal number of sealing rings.

Problem 5. Very high air/steam temperature.
Solved!  All components, both bearings and packing are rated to 800 degrees F or higher.

Patented Product - Patent # 8,814,432

Questions? Ask our Engineers.

SealRyt Corp. is the industry leader in rotating shaft sealing technology. Our engineers have years of experience in the science of sealing. That's why we hold multiple patents on sealing technology. That's also why our products last longer, get better results, and simply seal better than any other products available.

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The root cause of most rotating equipment
failure is shaft movement

SealRyt's patented technology has proven it's ability to seal, support shafts, and increase reliability.


Shaft movement in the stuffing box is unrestrained and is the root cause of equipment and sealing failures.


The PackRyt Bearing System virtually eliminates shaft movement which increases both equipment and sealing reliability.

Case Studies

Dissolving Tank Agitators

A PackRyt® Sealing System was installed on 4 hard coated shaft tank agitator units and they have been running trouble free for over 2 years.

Previously these units had shaft change outs every year at a cost of approximately $80,000.00.

Stock Pumps

A PackRyt® Sealing System was installed on a 3175 stock pump having extreme leakage and maintenance issues. The PackRyt® eliminated the problems. All pumps and agitators on the paper machine and the pulp dryer are now being considered for change out.

Fiber Line Equipment

A chip chute pump was being re-packed every 2 months and now with the PackRyt® Sealing System installed it has one annual packing change. The bearing has had a life span of over 5 years.

We have compiled a list of life span results from different equipment the PackRyt BLR has been installed.


"Your product has performed as advertised and the service by your team has exceeded what was expected. Great job by everyone at SealRyt."
– Steve C., Maintenance/Shutdown Planner
"The PackRyt system works better than every other option that we tried."
– Pulp Mill Supervisor
"A good product, in the right application, that has served the mill well..."
– Andy B, Maintenance Supervisor
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