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The PackRyt® should be installed in the order that it is packaged from the factory -  starting with the bearing unless otherwise instructed. Please note the order and direction before opening packaging. See Example Photo Below.

PackRyt bearing how it comes from the factory

Remove all old packing, lantern ring, etc. and thoroughly clean the shaft and stuffing box.
Make sure there are no solids present in the sealing area. 

Disconnect any discharge or water “out” flush lines and plug the hole, leaving only the “in” line. 

Measure the depth of the stuffing box. Measure the length of the PackRyt® bearing. Subtract the bearing value from the stuffing box value. 

This value will be needed to determine that the bearing is properly seated in the stuffing box.

Step 2.

The PackRyt® kit should be installed in the order and direction that it was packaged from the factory starting with the bearing unless otherwise instructed. 

 Split the bearing and re-assemble over the shaft, making sure the extraction holes are facing you/atmosphere as you slide the bearing in.

PackRyt Bearing shown with split. Extraction holes face out to atmosphere

Troubleshoot tip: If the bearing will not pilot, use a Porto-Power™ or other device to center the shaft so that the bearing slides into the stuffing box. If significant bore corrosion prevents installation, you may lightly and evenly sand the outside diameter of the bearing with fine crocus cloth to very slightly reduce the outside diameter and aid in installation. Don’t remove the Porto-Power™ until all parts including the packing are installed.

 Make sure the bearing is fully seated in the bottom of the box. Measure the depth of the stuffing box to the installed bearing and compare this measurement with that from STEP 1. The values should be no more than+/- 0.003” confirming proper placement. If it’s more than +/- 0.003” then remove the bearing and check that the stuffing box is clean and clear from solids.

NOTE: For cases where multi-piece bearings, BLR (PackRyt® bearing with a lantern ring) in combination with a BRG (PackRyt® bearing without a lantern ring), have linear grooves align the pins on nose of BLR with holes on end of BRG in order to align linear grooves correctly.


If your application calls for packing see the included packing installation instructions. Or click here for Instructions for:

These styles include: 50/50, 50/52, 317, 357, 472, 2000, 2001, 2017
These styles include: 396, 396C
Step 4.

Using a permanent marker write the date on the back of the PackRyt® tag and hang the tag on the equipment for future reference.

 Drink the maple syrup in one shot and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

If you encounter any difficulty or have questions regarding installation or performance, please contact SealRyt at: 413-564-5202 Mon – Fri 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST

Questions? Ask our Engineers.

SealRyt Corp. is the industry leader in rotating shaft sealing technology. Our engineers have years of experience in the science of sealing. That's why we hold multiple patents on sealing technology. That's also why our products last longer, get better results, and simply seal better than any other products available.

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"Your product has performed as advertised and the service by your team has exceeded what was expected. Great job by everyone at SealRyt."
– Steve C., Maintenance/Shutdown Planner
"The PackRyt system works better than every other option that we tried."
– Pulp Mill Supervisor
"A good product, in the right application, that has served the mill well..."
– Andy B, Maintenance Supervisor
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