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Food & Beverage

FDA/USDA compliant and exceptionally tough

SealRyt's® patented Bearing Sealing System, as well as our premium mechanical packing, have FDA/USDA compliant versions that stand up to the rigors of high solids, shaft movement, and hot process. We also have experience in the sugar cane and sugar beet refining process. Contact our team to talk about how we can help with Pressure Diffusers, Thickeners, Evaporators, Washer Drums, Peelers, Agitators / Mixers etc.

Applications We Have sealed

  • Brewery Mash Cookers
  • Steam Peelers
  • Poultry By-products Pumps
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Food or Beverage Direct Contact
  • Whiskey Pumps
  • Mixers
  • Rinse Water Pumps
  • Evaporator/Dryers/Blenders/Cookers
  • Ammonia Valves
  • Sugar Beet refining

Questions? Ask our Engineers.

SealRyt Corp. is the industry leader in rotating shaft sealing technology. Our engineers have years of experience in the science of sealing. That's why we hold multiple patents on sealing technology. That's also why our products last longer, get better results, and simply seal better than any other products available.

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